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  • White House Killing SilverGate | Nigeria Implements CBDC

White House Killing SilverGate | Nigeria Implements CBDC

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White House

FBBA Special Notice

Web3 Day At The Capitol May 2nd 2023

The Florida Blockchain Business Association will be hosting its Third Annual Blockchain Day at the Capitol on May 2nd, 2023 in Tallahassee. Stay tuned as more information will be presented in coming news letters. If you are interested in attending please click here and type "Blockchain Day At The Capitol" in the message. This event is limited.

Web3 Day At the Capitol

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In The Know

Analytical Data

The FTX balance sheet is really something. $1.6 billion worth of Bitcoin owed to customers, with only $1m there in reality. Rough NFA breakdown of what liquidators have found so far across all silos

-$3.5b in 'liquid' coins

-$1.7b cash

-$800m 'illiquid' coins (SRM, MAPS etc aka zero)

-$500m FTT (zero)

-$250m stonks (mostly GBTC)

-$4.5b book value venture investments (worth who knows in reality)

~$5.5b 'liquid' assets

~$11.5b customer liabilities

🥇 Mt. Gox creditors may receive repayments from March 10 onward.

137,890 $BTC($3B) unlock is coming soon!

Mt. Gox suspended withdrawals on Feb 7, 2014, when the price of $BTC was ~$800.


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