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Welcome to Crypto Flo: News from the Crypto Capital

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Florida Blockchain Business Association

On June 7th, 2022 Governor Desantis signed into law Florida’s 109.9 billion dollar budget which consisted of funding for blockchain and cryptocurrency focused positions in Florida government.

The budget consists of almost half a million dollars to go toward these blockchain and cryptocurrency positions. Read More

The beleaguered duo discussed how one of the most successful crypto funds went from being a prominent trading desk to owing creditors $2.8 billion.

The founders of insolvent crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, Su Zhu and Kyle Davies, have broken their silence in an interview with Bloomberg. Read More


The federal minimum wage is at its lowest value since February 1956, analysis from the Economic Policy Institute shows.

The nonpartisan think tank’s recent analysis of Consumer Price Index (CPI) data found that the $7.25 federal minimum wage hasn’t been worth less since the Eisenhower administration, when the minimum wage was 75 cents, which would be worth $7.19 today. Read More


Federal prosecutors in Manhattan brought their first ever case for insider-trading in digital coins, charging a former Coinbase Global Inc. product manager with leaking information to help his brother and a friend buy tokens just before they were listed on the exchange. Read More

Analytical Data

#Bitcoin about to post the biggest monthly gain since October 2021.

Bitcoin Gains

📉The balance of BTC on exchanges continues to decline and reached 12.6% of the total supply

Since March 2020, 4.6% of bitcoins in circulation have left the exchanges, that's 874k BTC.

Bitcoin Percent Balances on Exchanges

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