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  • Web3 Venture Capital Spikes In FL | White House Targets Bitcoin Miners

Web3 Venture Capital Spikes In FL | White House Targets Bitcoin Miners

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Florida Venture Capital Spike
FL Venture web3
Biden Anti Mining
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Bull market starts when 🥇 Bitcoin crosses RSI 50 on the monthly chart. Getting close...

BTC 2023 Feb Bull Market

United Kingdom plans to ban hoarding of its CBDC, effectively limiting people's ability to save in the digital pound when launched

United States' trade deficit climbed to a record $948.1 billion in 2022, up $103 billion from 2021.

U.S. Soon to exceed $1 trillion per year in interest payments on debt.

US Fed Debt Interest Rate February
BOFA Default US


Web3 Day At The Capitol May 2nd 2023

Web3 Day At the Capitol
February Events 2023
Synapse 2023

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