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  • Warren Creating AntiCrypto Army | Congress Restrict Act Kills Web3

Warren Creating AntiCrypto Army | Congress Restrict Act Kills Web3

Warren Is Doubling Down On Her Anti Crypto Stance While Congresses Restrict Act Would Give Warren All The Control She Desires

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Restrict Act Targets Bitcoin & Web3

"One particular provision in Warner’s RESTRICT Act has caused many people to believe that Americans could be jailed for using a virtual private network (VPN). The bill notes that there are strict penalties, including a 20-year sentence, for using “communications technology products and services” with applications or web portals associated with “foreign adversaries.” While some have said that the RESTRICT Act could ban Tiktok and target Americans for using a VPN with websites tied to foreign adversaries, others have gone as far as to say that the bill could be used to ban bitcoin."

ICP Announces Annual Conference To Be Held In Miami, May 16 & 17

Florida will host the 1st annual ICP Community Conference at the iconic Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, where top web3 founders, investors, & influencers (including Blockchain Boy & Joshua Jake) will get together to explore the latest ICP innovations. Whatever blockchain you’re involved with, ICP can decentralize key components of your the dapp tech stack and there’s never been a better opportunity to build connections with top ICP builders!

“We are super excited for ICP to further establish its Florida footprint,” say Samuel Armes, Founder of the FBBA. “By holding their conference here in Miami, they are planting a flag in the most pro-web3 State in the United States. We are looking forward to the community coming to Florida and continuing to advance their protocol and community.”

Featured Podcast/Youtube

In this episode of "Around The Table," JoshuaJake and Samuel Armes are joined by Anessa Allen Santos, J.D., a U.S. attorney and fintech regulatory sherpa, to discuss a range of topics related to cryptocurrency and government regulation. They cover various issues, including the potential risks of CBDCs, the power of states to regulate crypto, the need for a digital and physical representation of currencies, and the issue of money laundering. Additionally, they delve into the actions of regulatory bodies such as the SEC and CFTC, the potential for lawsuits against the government, and the concept of decentralization in banking. They also explore the downsides of CBDCs and what the future of the industry might look like and touch on topics such as Web3, spirituality, and AI in the military. Tune in for an engaging and thought-provoking discussion on cryptocurrency's current state and future.

Analytical Data

More deep recession territory for today's ISM. New Orders back under 45. Backlogs falling fast. There is going to be little for workers to do and if firms give up hope for a 2d half rebound then the mass layoffs aren't far behind.

If you're thinking OPEC's production cuts are going to reignite "inflation", markets still absolutely sure it won't. The inversions are back to extremes where they'd been in January. If anything, a short run increase in WTI will only hasten the Fed pivot.

OPEC sure isn't buying the China reopening story. If there was anything to there'd be no need to cut more supply. If demand was going to surge in the second half like "everyone" says, just let oil prices do their thing. OPEC knows demand is trouble.

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