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  • Republicans Roast Gensler & Introduce Bill To Fire Him

Republicans Roast Gensler & Introduce Bill To Fire Him

Republicans are trying to fire Gensler while Democrats Defend Him

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The overall commentary from these three Democrats that they just don’t understand the bill or that the bill is useless right now as the Federal Government, according to them, has not officially decided to issue a Central Bank Digital Currency.

1) The Federal Government is planning on issuing a CBDC, and if the bill is not passed now, it will be too late.

2) A CBDC would violate the 4th amendment and give the Federal Government an unlimited amount of power by being able to shut off citizens finances within seconds.

While mentioning usage for data centers and computing, there were no direct references to Bitcoin mining. Crusoe Energy’s website indicates that their computing systems are used for AI and deep learning, blockchain and cryptocurrency, and “intensive research” applications.

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In this episode, we discuss the buzz on Twitter that the Crypto Bull Run is Back and what it means for investors and traders. But it's not all good news, as we also examine the recent statements made by Gary Gensler, the new chairman of the SEC, who has declared war on crypto. JoshuaJake, BlockchainBoy, and Samuel Armes will provide their insights on the implications of Gensler's stance on the crypto market and what it could mean for the future of cryptocurrency

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Despite the hype over China's reopening, the markets are increasingly doubting it (after never having really bought it at any point). Steel rebar prices in China are rapidly dropping again even as construction season gets going - or, in the case of '23, doesn't get going.

Even the Chicago Fed's NAI is moving lower toward recession (the average is what matters). Right now it shows what everything else does - economy operating below "potential." But just look at what direction the avg is pointing.

Texas Manu Survey: "Funding has dried up to purchase our products.” “There is a definite slowdown. New orders virtually stopped.” “We are starting to see a real slowdown. We are hoping it is short lived.”

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