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  • Florida's Political Session Begins | BitLicense Coming To Florida?

Florida's Political Session Begins | BitLicense Coming To Florida?

DeSantis Gives His State Of The State Address, While Secret Actors Are Promoting A Florida Bitlicense

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As Florida’s Political Session Begins, Here Is What To Watch Out For:

2026 — Florida attorney and Dem fundraiser John Morgan floats potential run for governor: Prominent Florida trial attorney John Morgan, known as the godfather of Florida’s medical marijuana amendment and a Democratic fundraiser, may add another title to his résumé: Florida governor.

Morgan last week teased a potential 2026 run on social media, saying “maybe I should run for Governor… as an Independent” in response to a recent story about DeSantis touting Florida’s gradual minimum wage hike.

Is A Bitlicense Coming To Florida? If So, Who Is Pushing It?

Broadly interpreted, this could hinder the adoption of companies willing to accept Bitcoin. For instance, if McDonald's wanted to accept Bitcoin from customers, it would need a license to store that Bitcoin if it chose to self-custody. The alternative would be relying on a third party for everything, which contradicts the ethos of the digital asset space, or at least it used to.

CFO Jimmy Patronis Goes After Web3 Vote As He Considers Running For Governor

CFO Jimmy Patronis said, “The Biden administration has made it clear that they desperately want to expand the reach of government into your home, your personal life, and your finances, which includes regulating cryptocurrency. I am calling on every state to assert themselves, protect these currencies and ensure that they remain democratized tools for free-market capitalism. We don’t need the federal government in our business.”

A Complete List Of All Of Florida’s Bitcoin & Web3 Bills

John Montague Appointed To FBBA Board

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