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Florida Web3 Year In Review: 2022 --> 2023

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2023 Crypto Fireworks

Washington, D.C., will be a crypto hotspot in 2023 as regulatory innovation proceeds at unprecedented rates.

The centralized finance disasters of 2022 were the result of poor risk management, insufficient governance, incomplete audits, and potential fraud – all of which could have happened in any industry. Consumer protection will be top of mind for policymakers in 2023. The majority of emerging policy will be around centralized exchanges and stablecoins. Exchanges like Coinbase may be forced to be G-SIFI-regulated institutions, which will increase their regulatory compliance costs. Washington, D.C., will be the hotbed of some of the most controversial and important conversations about crypto in 2023.

SBF Meme Jail Prison
MetaVerse 2023 2022 What Will We Know

Analytical Data

💰 Bloomberg estimates that 900 million people regularly make crypto transactions

Crypto Transactions By Population 2022

Only one year difference

2022 to 2023 BTC ETh Market Cap

🥇 MicroStrategy increases bitcoin holdings by 2,500 and now holds 132,500 BTC. MicroStrategy announced the purchase of 2,500 BTC, holding a total of approximately 132,500 bitcoins as of December 27, at a price of approximately $4.03 billion, with an average price of approximately $30,397 per bitcoin.

Former Russian President BTC 2022

🇷🇺 Former Russia President: "The Bretton Woods system will collapse. Euro and Dollar will stop circulating as global reserve currencies."


January Crypto Events 2023

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