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Florida 2.0 Update: Political Maneuvering

Navigating Presidential Politics In Florida

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With Florida Legislative Session Around the Corner, Navigating the Pro DeSantis and Pro Trump Water In Tallahassee Is Immensely Tricky. Here’s How We’re Doing It To Further Web3 Adoption

Despite the ideological divide, both the Trump and DeSantis factions have historically been valuable allies to the blockchain and web 3 communities. Their support has been pivotal in the advancement of digital currency and technology legislation, highlighting the significant role of these sectors in Florida’s economic landscape.

However, politics is still politics. Those in the Trump faction have already had a majority of their influence stripped away from them. Most likely, bills sponsored by anyone who has endorsed Trump for President will not pass. However, that doesn’t in anyway mean those bridges should be burned. Those supporting President Trump in the Florida legislator will still have a lot of influence, especially when Florida has its State wide elections come 2026.

Samuel Armes Interviews Tampa Local, Gary Cardone. They Talk Politics, Bitcoin, and Strategy.

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