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  • FBBA Members Help Rescue American's In Israel | Florida Session Slowly Begins

FBBA Members Help Rescue American's In Israel | Florida Session Slowly Begins

Florida Stepped Up When The Federal Government Wouldn't On Both Israel And Web3

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FBBA’s Members, F3 Intelligence, Helped Assist Congressmen Cory Mills In Rescuing Americans In Israel.

I’ve known Richard for many years. I'm a part of his nonprofit organization that finds missing children, and he’s a part of my chamber of commerce which advocates for freedom technologies in Florida (and the US).

I’ve never seen someone work so hard. Although we think of the movies when we envisage Intel work—people busting open doors, shooting terrorists, and wearing cool sunglasses—the reality is modern-day Intel work predominantly involves sitting in front of a computer with multiple screens, staying up 22 hours at a time, monitoring 15 different group chats to get sensitive information relayed to the people who need it the most.

County Delegation Meetings Are Here! Want To Represent FBBA And Speak About Web3 and Bitcoin To Your Legislators? See When Your County Delegation Is Meeting:

DeSantis Helped Save More American’s From Israel With FBBA Member Robert Salvador, And Will Be Meeting With Robert & Richard Ring Of F3 Intelligence At the FBBA DeSantis Dinner Later This Month

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ rapid mobilization of state resources to evacuate Americans from Israel benefited many beyond the Sunshine State’s borders, leaving an impression sure to ripple from coast to coast as he runs a presidential campaign.

During a Monday afternoon press conference, media teased out that there were just 70 Floridians — out of 269 Americans — on board a state-funded jet that landed Sunday evening in Tampa after departing from Tel Aviv. That means DeSantis leveraged his official powers to help Floridians but also Americans at large, taking the shape of something bigger nationwide at a critical moment in his bid for the Oval Office.

The FBBA Is Ready To Push Web3 Legislation Hard This Session

States are racing to adopt and integrate emergent technologies to foster economic growth and innovation, while making a stand against authoritarian power. Florida has already set a significant precedent with the passage of the Anti-Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Bill.

Now, Governor Ron DeSantis has a monumental opportunity to further propel Florida into a new era of digital leadership by embracing Bitcoin, Web3 technologies, and sound money principles. Here's a blueprint on how Governor DeSantis could achieve this, thereby establishing himself as a leading political figure in the realms of Bitcoin and Web3:

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