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  • Desantis Unveils Anti-CBDC Plan | Binance Challenges SEC & CFTC

Desantis Unveils Anti-CBDC Plan | Binance Challenges SEC & CFTC

Desantis released his Anti-CBDC Bill to much praise and fanfare. The SEC & CFTC Are suing Binance Over Securities and Derivatives

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In this episode of "Around The Table," hosted by JoshuaJake and Samuel Armes, the guest is John Montague, Managing Attorney at Montague Law. The focus of the discussion is the regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies and related technologies in the US, with particular attention to the roles of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

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Hong Kong to facilitate banking and financing for 💰Bitcoin and crypto firms in attempt to become a global hub - Bloomberg

5 MAJOR BANKS RAIDED over $100 BILLION fraud in France. Banks Raided: - HSBC - Societe Generale -BNP Paribas -Exane -Natixis

Microstrategy: Acquired 6,455 💰 Bitcoins for Approximately $150.0 Million, at an Average Price of $23,238 Per Bitcoin. MicroStrategy said it now holds 138,955 BTC acquired for approxiamtely $4.14 billion at an average price of $29,817.

Like American cos, European cos had been building their own credit buffers borrowing from banks while banks were still willing to loan. That's over now. Again, at the same time curves shifted to huge inversions, suddenly lending to NFCs dried up. 

All this collateral demand shows how the global monetary tide is still rolling back and it is likely to keep revealing all those who have been swimming naked. Credit Suisse or SVB were just the most obvious and closest to shore.

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