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  • DeSantis Signs AI Regulation | Is Chuck Schumer Pro Bitcoin?

DeSantis Signs AI Regulation | Is Chuck Schumer Pro Bitcoin?

Florida May Become The Next AI Haven | Schumer Is Scared Of Crypto Donors Flipping The Senate

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DeSantis signs legislation that makes AI generated political ads notify people that they have been created with AI. The Bill also sets up an AI Council, much like the Blockchain Council Florida formed in 2019.

Chuck Schumer may be pro Bitcoin, at least if you follow the money. Worried about the cash Bitcoiners are using to turn the Senate Republican, Schumer is changing his tune in order to court crypto donors.

The Bitcoin Halving Is Finally Here. What will you be doing?

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash fights are coming back in the Bitcoin Community, but so are Bitcoin Jpegs.

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