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  • BTC ATH! Florida Session Ends | Warren Being Challenged

BTC ATH! Florida Session Ends | Warren Being Challenged

Bitcoin breaks its previous all time high right as Florida session ends and Warren gets a Senate challenger

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Bitcoin has reached a new All Time High, surpassing it’s previous all time high of $69k. Is this due to the Bitcoin ETF, Fed Rate Hikes, or Something Else?

Market observers say that bitcoin, the world's largest digital asset with a market cap of now well over $1 trillion, stepped into a bull market in mid-2023 when BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, began the process of filing to list a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF).

This would mark the third bull run for bitcoin, which is driven by the market's acceptance of bitcoin as an institutional-grade asset class via the ETF alongside macroeconomic factors that are going in bitcoin's favor.

BRICS Countries, which now include countries outside the simple acronym, are looking to use digital currencies to compete with the Dollar.

Last week, another TASS report said Russia’s Finance Ministry, the Bank of Russia and BRICS partners will create the BRICS Bridge multisided payment platform in an effort to improve the global monetary system.

Also in February, Klaas Knot, the Chair of the Financial Stability Board, which keeps an eye on the global financial system, wrote to finance ministers from the Group of 20 (G20) countries that crypto assets, tokenization and artificial intelligence (AI) remain priorities.

Tether Is Central To Crypto: This New Report Dives Into What It Is Truly Backed By:

Elizabeth Warren Has A New Rival, But Could It Just Be A Waste Of Crypto’s Already Stretched Resources?

Yet, Warren isn't untouchable. Remember, she only managed a third-place finish in the state’s last presidential primary. A self-funded candidate or someone with the financial backing of the affluent business community could seriously challenge the senator."

This strategy carried its risks, but it was perhaps the only viable option if the goal was victory. Targeted advertisements could have criticized Warren from both the left and the right, slamming her for not being pro-business, while also highlighting her decisions detrimental to Massachusetts interests.

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