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  • Blockchain.com Partners with FIU to Enhance Cryptocurrency and Web3 Education

Blockchain.com Partners with FIU to Enhance Cryptocurrency and Web3 Education

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Blockchain.org Parnters with FIU

Florida Blockchain Business Association

Florida International University (FIU) has partnered with Blockchain.com, one of the world’s most trusted and popular platforms to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency, to expand Web3 and cryptocurrency education at the university.

Through FIU’s Innovative Education and Student Success initiatives, the partnership will help identify new opportunities for learners interested in tech and Web3 through intentional curricular, co-curricular, and continuing education programming and courses, showcasing Blockchain.com’s commitment to education and accessibility. Read More

Bitcoin Plummets

BTC Sells off Sharply in Response to Global Inflation Fears

Bitcoin (BTC) sold off sharply in Friday trading, and was recently trading below $21,500, down more than 8% over the last 24 hours. The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is down 13% for the week.

The decline started during overnight trading, coinciding with unexpectedly high inflation data in Germany. Germany’s annual producer inflation figures rose to a record high of 37% in July, versus expectations of 32%. Producer prices reflect the price of goods and services sold by manufacturers for a region. The German PPI data is analogous to U.S. PPI data. The United States’ July PPI reading was 9.8%, by comparison. Read More

Bored Ape

CoinDesk, modified by CryptoFlo

Many NFTs have recently entered the "danger zone" of liquidation.

Dozens of Bored Ape Yacht Club non-fungible tokens (NFT) purchased with borrowed money sit perilously close to being forcibly sold, and there's worry that could trigger even more liquidations. Read More

Amsterdam Protestors

Jack Schickler/CoinDesk

After the detention of Alexey Pertsev, campaigners worry holding developers accountable for malicious use of their code could have a dangerous, chilling effect.

More than 50 people gathered in Amsterdam's Dam Square on Saturday to protest the arrest of blockchain developer Alexey Pertsev, who was was arrested Aug. 10 on suspicion of involvement in the Tornado Cash protocol that was sanctioned earlier this month by U.S. authorities. Read More

Analytical Data

Bitcoin Transfer Volume Breakdown

The relative volume of Bitcoin transfers is now dominated by large transactions. Indeed, 63% of all onchain volume is made up of transactions of $10 million or more. This momentum has been steadily increasing since the second half of 2020.

Stacy Herbert Tweet

Florida Blockchain Politics

Ron DeSantis is Keeping the Sunshine State on the Right Track, Says a New Chamber Poll

Ron DeSantis

More Florida voters say the state is headed in the right direction than the wrong one, and they think Gov. Ron DeSantis can continue the trend.

A new statewide poll published by the Florida Chamber of Commerce found 49% of likely voters like the state’s current trajectory compared with 45% who say Florida is on “the wrong track.”

The optimism carried across most Florida media markets, with Miami-Fort Lauderdale (43%-48%), Tallahassee (30%-60%) and West Palm Beach (43%-51%) bucking the rest of the state.

The poll also asked voters what their top issues were heading into the Midterm Election, finding inflation food prices in the top spot by a wide margin — two-thirds of those polled said it was a “major issue,” though it did rank higher among Republicans (79%) and no-party voters (70%) than Democrats (53%).

About three in five Florida voters said gas prices were a “critically important issue,” with the results shaped by a similar partisan breakdown.

Voters are pinning the blame for economic woes on Washington rather than Tallahassee, as almost 6 out of 10 voters disapprove of President Joe Biden while 54% say DeSantis is doing swell.

Pro Crypto Maxwell Frost Invests in Broadcast Ads

Maxwell Frost

Pro Crypto Maxwell Frost has put another $38,425 into broadcast ads as he seeks the Democratic nomination in Florida’s 10th Congressional District. The flight covers ads that will air in the Orlando media market today through the end of the Primary Election.

Anthony Sabatini


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Jacksonville, FL

Crowdfund Insider

Lake Parime, a UK-based supplier of cryptocurrency mining equipment, says it will open its first US headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida – a state that has seen migration and businesses boom as people flee high tax and less business-friendly states. Read More

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