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Bitcoin Hits $25K as Bearish Voices Call BTC Price ‘Double Top’

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Bitcoin Spikes

Bitcoin (BTC) spiked through to $25,000 for the first time in months on Aug. 14, but traders refused to take any chances on a bull run.

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView tracked a sudden run-up on BTC/USD, which hit $25,050 on Bitstamp in a $350 hourly candle.

The move took the pair to a new personal best since June 13, erasing more of the losses seen that day in what remains a significant BTC price correction.

Analyzing the market setup, however, familiar bearish tones remained. Read More

Ethereum Tops $2K


Ethereum (ETH) continued its bull run and reclaimed the $2,000 level late on Friday night for the first time since May, according to data from CoinMarketCap. 

The No. 2 cryptocurrency by market cap was up to $2,014 at the time of writing, up 7% in the past 24 hours and 17% in the past week. It has nearly doubled in the past month. Read More

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Tornada Cash by Source

Tornada Cash Sanctions

Tornado Cash is really useful if you value your privacy… or if you’re trying to conduct illegal (but not necessarily immoral) transactions.

For the latter reason, the US Treasury is slapping sanctions on Tornado Cash this week. 

Actually, that’s not technically true. “Tornado Cash” is merely a bunch of open-source smart contracts running on a public blockchain. So the logic of sanctioning a smart contract is akin to sanctioning, say, a pool of water. Read More

Goerli testnet Success

Ethereum’s final test run - the Goerli testnet - is a simulation of the actual Merge next month. Goerli was pulled off successfully this past Wednesday.

Arbitrum Launches Nova

Arbitrum is on a roll lately. They’re launching a major network upgrade (Arbitrum Nitro) at the end of August, relaunching Arbitrum Odyssey, a user adoption campaign that was “too successful”, and today announced the launch of Arbitrum Nova, a wholly new AnyTrust public chain for gaming and social dapps.

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🚀 Number of 'Whale Addresses' with More than 10K Bitcoin is Going Up.

Bitcoin Whales on the Rise

Ukraine and Russia  are the Top 2 Countries in Bitcoin and Crypto Ownership Worldwide by Share of Population - United Nations Report.

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