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Is Biden Going After Bukele? | DeSantis Makes CBDC's Iowa Talking Point

Iowa Cares About CBDC's and is an important primary. Is the U.S. going to oust El Salvador's President?

DeSantis has been an outspoken critic of CDBDs for allowing “government-sanctioned surveillance,” and in March signed a bill to prohibit the use of a national CBDC as money within Florida.

As for the broader subject of crypto, he’s been far more supportive, previously calling its use a question of civil liberty and describing bitcoin (BTC) as a “threat to the current regime.”

Amnesty International's headline, "President Bukele's Human Rights Crisis," is a testament to the growing international concern. The narrative of human rights abuses and authoritarianism is a familiar one, often preceding interventions by the U.S. in the global order.

Bukele's aggressive adoption of Bitcoin as a national currency has further complicated the situation. This move, seen as a threat to the U.S.-dominated financial order, has led to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) threatening to withhold loans and financial aid. The potential use of state-issued Bitcoin bonds by the Russian government to move money adds another layer of complexity.

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